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Leaving It To The Experts

For those who would prefer someone else creating their website to using Y2WebBuilder, Y2’s crack team of web designers can have your site completed and live in less than three weeks. Visitor auto-responder, feedback forms, customer newsletters, subscriber management, catalogs, a shopping cart, order tracking, business email, your own domain name, website membership, photo albums, maps, and more are among the 30 different features to choose from.

Have a professional site created to your specifications that’s both affordable and fast. Compared to the $40,000-$70,000 you might spend on a custom site, our custom content and creative package is a mere $3,995 set up fee ($4,995 if you choose to finance your site) and a monthly fee of $19.95 for the life of the site.

If you let us create your site, here’s what you get:

  • A 10 page site design
Layout up to 10 pages for your website.
  • Content creation
Content up to 10 pages for your website.
  • A custom header design
Your website will have a custom header design
  • Your photos
You can send you own photos incorporated into the design and your web pages.
  • Photo library

If you don’t want to use your photos or you want more added, Y2Marketing has licensed access to a photo library.

  • 10 products

If you sell products, Y2Marketing will add your first 10 products – after that, you add any other products.

  • 1,000 pages, photos, products

You always have enough pages, products, and photos for your website. Save yourself the worries and hassles of paying for another 5 web pages to add to your first 10. With Y2WebBuilder your limits are so high you won’t need to upgrade and if you do, it’s cheap and easy ($1 for 100 photos, $1 for 50 web pages, and $1 for 50 products).

Place your order for a custom content and custom creative site with a Y2Marketing Master Marketing Consultant. Click here to locate a MCA nearest you.