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Y2Marketing is one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing marketing services agencies. The business was started in 1994 by Richard Harshaw and was known as Marketing Strategies, Inc. From that time to 1998, the company worked with over 9,000 different businesses in over 350 different industries through seminars, workshops, one-on-one consulting, and individual consultations. The result was hundreds of millions of dollars in increased sales and profits for their clients. During this same time, Y2Marketing began offering various marketing fulfillment services to their clients in the form of printing, advertising placement, media services, design services, Internet development, and so forth.

Y2Marketing is currently established as a national marketing fulfillment agency with the support of over 1,000 Master Consulting Agents (MCAs) skilled at implementing the Monopolize Your Marketplace (MYM) system. The firm conducts MYM seminars all over the country to teach their proprietary, results-oriented marketing system.

You have a great looking site, how do you get customers to look at it? Ask the experts at Y2Marketing how they put websites at the top of the list.

At Y2Marketing, we truly live up to the full-service label. We’ve assembled a complete range of services to handle all of your marketing and advertising. We not only provide you with marketing and strategy consulting through one of our MCAs, but from there we can also build your identity, collateral materials, web development, national or regional advertising campaign, AND handle distribution and media placement on all counts.

We research market trends, maintain an extensive list of national media contacts, provide mail house services and go the extra mile to ensure that your printing and production is handled and supervised through one of our Y2 pre-qualified production facilities in the Dallas market.

Our web services go beyond the normal development company as well. We not only provide the highest caliber custom web development services, but we also offer the cost-effective e-commerce package – an e-commerce website on par visually with Fortune 500 level companies. We provide advanced search engine packages, mass e-mail capabilities, and multimedia presentation development based on the latest technologies.

Contact a Y2Marketing Master Marketing Consultant to assist you in promoting your site. Click here to locate a MCA nearest you.