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Every measure is taken to make Y2WebBuilder the most secure website builder on the Internet.

Measures are taken to protect the site builder from unauthorized access and to protect website visitors from compromising their shopping cart information:
Firewall A firewall is a special type of dedicated computer designed to protect web servers from being hacked. We use industry leading Cisco equipment and are lucky enough to have Cisco approved technicians within the same building. A backup firewall unit is also on site and since Cisco suppliers are located in the same building, we have quick access to additional equipment in case of unlikely emergencies.
Verisign Secure Certificates Y2WebBuilder website is protected with 128-bit Verisign secure certificates. This is the highest level of protection available for encryption. The U.S. military prohibits anything beyond this level of encryption as it is considered a weapon.
Best Practices All staff are required to follow security precautions. These include cryptographically strong passwords (i.e. passwords that cannot be broken using what is known as a dictionary attack), secured server rooms, and diligence in handling sensitive data.
24 hour security 24 hour security personnel protect your web services. Card locks, physical key locks, 24 hour front desk, and separately locked server rooms protect your servers.
Insurance Insurance covers the possibility of catastrophes